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Energy Technology

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Thermogenic Fat-Burning Technology
Thermogenic - Fat-Burning - Diet-Friendly Beverages


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The Chocolate Revolution

Skinny Science®
Fat-Burning Chocolate Drink


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Low Glycemic

Low Glycemic Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts

Wine – Beer - Alcohol Infusions

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Brain Glycemic Indexing®

Switch the Brain, Switch the Game®  

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Sports Medicine – Sports Science

Low Glycemic Technology in Sports Sports-Specific Research & Development  

Skinny Science®
Low Glycemic Technology

Blood Glucose FDA Claims & Science
Low Glycemic Nutraceuticals & Beverages
First Glycemic Patent Ever Awarded

Kid Friendly

Childhood Obesity Research & Science Clinical Trials
Chocolate Milk Report
The New Challenge in the Childhood Obesity Epidemic


Skinny Science®
Advanced Bone & Joint Formulas
ARG Bone Matrix

Aging Related Decline of Bone & Joint Integrity
Sports Injuries


Skinny Science® Anti-Carbohydrate® Science Sweeteners & Carbohydrates

Low Glycemic Natural Fruit Sweeteners & Carbs
Low Glycemic Fruit Glycoside Sweetener



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